Custom folder backgrounds in XP

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Most of my readers would be knowing this already. But i thought i would share it anyway for those who does not. Here, i will explain how to change a folder’s background with an image. It is actually very simple. You just have to create a desktop.ini file and store it in the desired folder; and use the attrib command.

First, create a text file and add the following lines to it.


Where, c:\background.jpg is the path of the required image(change it to your path). Now, save the file as desktop.ini inside the folder of which the background is to be changed. Now goto command prompt and type the following and press enter.

attrib +s "c:\folder"

Where, c:\folder is the path of the desired target folder(change it to your path). After that, the background image should have changed. Now you can put cool images as the background of the folder. It is the same thing that the folders My Pictures and My Videos uses. This technique uses image tiling. That is, the image will be tiled on the background.  Have fun.


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6 Responses to “Custom folder backgrounds in XP”

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how to center it and make its does not repeat?

I don’t know how to align it, or remove the tiling. I used paint to realign the graphic in the pic so that it looks as if the image is in the bottom right of the window(yes, the pic is edited so that it looks good when the window is maximised).

How to do it like this? I Dloaded a rar file (700mb) and it came with a custom background. The desktop.ini a thumbs.db and the pic . In this folder it works great. I made my own pic, named it the same and overwrote it. Now in this folder its my pic. I copied/pasted these files into a different folder and no go. How can I set this up so I can add these to my rar files? Anyone who downloads them will have my custom image? Anyone have a idea?

HAHA got it. simple place the folder u want on your c drive. open dos window (Start run type cmd) type this attrib +s c:\folder-name . it changes it to a system folder. follow steps above, but copy 1st line . paste it on 2nd line but add [ and a ] with the 1st line in it. 3rd line use the iconarea etc… as above but just put file name, not the location. as long as pic u want is in the same folder. thats it, now u can rar or zip it , share it and whoever gets it will have your custom background!!

Pretty cool, white was getting boring 🙂

thanks a lot!

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