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I have a 512MB RAM desktop with FX5200 graphics card, and AMD processor. And after the 30 day trial of Vista, i heartily reformatted the drive, knowing that i didn’t buy a blood sucker for my machine. An mp3 playback takes the CPU to 40-50 %, and an avi video playback takes it to 90-100 % usage. The performance/price ratio and performance/hardware-requirements ratio of Windows Vista really is bad.  I am an XP fan, and was eagerly waiting for Vista. The only thing i liked about it is the new look and feel, fast OS bootup, & crispier audio playback.

Ubuntu Linux does pretty much everything Vista can do, and even much more in terms of graphics, performance, and customizability . And the funny thing is it is copyleft (it encourages you to share it among your friends). They even send you the install-cum-live CDs all the way from, i think, Netherlands, to India for free (yes, shipping too is free). All you have to do is register at shipit.ubuntu.com . And within 5 or 6 weeks, you will get it at your doorstep, without any kind of restrictions like copyrights and stuff. The thing is you have to get the feel of an entirely new operating system, if you are new to the world of Linux. I was stunned to see what it was capable in terms of graphics after Vista disappointed me. Vista Aero sucks when compared to Ubuntu Compiz/Beryl interface. And it runs super smooth in my system with movie quality frame rates. They are definitely eating into the Windows user base. If Microsoft isn’t careful, it is going to lose a good chunk of its fans.

Check out what Ubuntu has to offer…


Ubuntu Install-cum-live CD startup


A customized Ubuntu Desktop


Ubuntu's answer to Aero 3D flip


Window effects using Beryl interface.

And, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Try youtube.com for video demos.


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3 Responses to “Ubuntu Linux”

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So you’re into the Free Wold ???
Keep posting your experimentations…

That guy there is my good friend Sreejith. He is trying to pull me into the murky waters of Linux and Free Software.

I won’t jump to Linux that easily… Wait till Windows 7 comes out.
I posted about it just so that you should be aware of Ubuntu Linux, if you are not already.


>>murky waters of Linux and Free Software.
The way to freedom may be murky. But the result is sweet as a candy.

Why should we use an Operating System in our Computer if we are not legally authorized to Change/Modify it, avoiding your own (ofcourse, you can say that) customized and personal OS ?
You can’t say Windows is yours, But you can say “MY UBUNTU”…

Freedom for your OS is definitely BETTER than EULA with HUGE PAYMENTS …..

You haven’t understood the meaning of “FREEDOM” yet. Haven’t you ?

Read this http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/philosophy.html

Definitely there are no WINDOWS FANS. But there are users “CLOSED” in a room with the “WINDOWS” shut. “OPEN” it and “FREE” the world.

I was a “PRISONER” once, but i’m “FREE” now.

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