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If you are an aspirant of higher studies, and use the internet for searching info on colleges, courses, & places to study, beware of giving your precious e-mail address while registering.

Once you are registered, you get a hell lot of spam in your inbox, from colleges all over the world. The site claims to be of “high standards”. The site is not much help for your needs, and they will become a pain in the a** with all these spams.

Those education experts do not provide an unsubscribe button, or a link to manage our account so that we can delete it, if we want to. There a lot of better websites out there for your needs. So, do not give your regular e-mail address to such spammers.

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Browser wars

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Browser Wars


The browser wars reach new heights with the release of Chrome 3, Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, & Opera 10. And the internet moves to HTML 5.

I can’t make up my mind on the default browser.

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Live Cams

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Have you seen the movie National Treasure, starring Nicholas Cage? In that, remember the scene in the car, in which Nicholas asks his geek friend to hack into the traffic cam? Well, it seems to be possible. He just needs to google it. Type the below lines into Google search box.







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I came across something new in the internet. Its Wolfram|Alpha. Its a whole knew kind of search for knowledge website. Scientific and educational. Check it out.

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Search from address bar in Firefox

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Is your Firefox looking bulky? [right click on menubar] > ‘Customize…’. Move all necessary buttons from Navigation toolbar to main menu bar. Remove unnecessary buttons. Remove the dedicated Google search box also. Move the address bar from Navigation bar to main menu bar. Now, un-check View > Toolbars > Navigation Toolbar. Thus, all the buttons and address bar is on main menu bar. And there is no navigation bar. Now you have more client area in Firefox.

The Firefox address bar accepts search queries like in Google Chrome, but the results you get is the result of ‘im feeling lucky’ from Google. I never use that button from Google. You can change ‘im feeling lucky’ to normal Google search results page.

Here is how to do it.

  • In address bar type in about:config.
  • Type in keyword in the filter box.
  • Double click on the item Keyword.URL.
  • In the dialog box, change the string to ‘
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