GATE 2009 results

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I and my friends had written GATE 2009 CS paper. Yesterday we were supposed to get our results. But, instead we saw that we are “NOT qualified or invalid registration number”. The result page does not even have my name, yet alone my score. We mailed them to know why i and my friends have not yet seen our results on their webpages. They mailed us back their phone number. As if we can’t read it from their stupid brochure! We called them.

They said that we all are disqualified, and that we will only get the scores after two weeks. They had clearly mentioned in that brochure of their’s that the results to all, irrespective of qualified or not, will be put up in the website. When, i asked them about that, the answer was “it is like that from this year onwards“. WHAT THE F**K?

Me and my friends prepared for months, payed for the exam, and was pacing in our rooms from 10:00 AM(time of result announcement) yesterday. What do we see? We don’t see anything. We didn’t even know that they got our answer papers(the website showed it could be possible that our numbers were invalid). We expected to atleast see our names and the scores. 

What is wrong with these people?

Is this how to treat the students?

Do they understand the efforts we had taken to write the test?

Do we not deserve to know how good we did in the test?

Do we not even deserve an acknowledgement that we wrote an exam?

Isn’t there anyone out there who understands us?

Unfortunately, we do see these kind of acts in the local universities. This was NOT expected from a national exam committee of a very important exam.  This is a serious let down.

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Passing Milestone

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Well guys and babes… My B.Tech classes are over this week. Now all i have to do is prepare for the final exams and needless to say, the good times in college are over. Time to move on. To the next level.

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Heat from data center to warm a pool!!!

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A new computer center in Switzerland is making novel use of the hot air thrown off by its servers and communications equipment: The heat is being funneled next door to warm the local swimming pool.

When computing companies talk about “greening” their energy-guzzling data centers, that usually means powering the centers with renewable sources or using more-efficient servers.

In a few cases, the heat produced by the computers is used to warm nearby offices. In what appears to be a first, the town pool in Uitikon, Switzerland, outside Zurich, will be the beneficiary of the waste heat from a data center recently built by IBM Corp. for GIB-Services AG.

As in all data centers, air conditioners will blast the computers with chilly air — to keep the machines from exceeding their optimum temperature of around 70 degrees — and pump hot air out.

Usually, the hot air is vented outdoors and wasted. In the Uitikon center, it will flow through heat exchangers to warm water that will be pumped into the nearby pool. The town covered the cost of some of the connecting equipment but will get to use the heat for free.

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