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There are a lot of utilities out there that can protect your files and folders with password protection, encryption, backups, etc. But here i will share with you how to use a built-in tool in Windows to make your files and folders read only, and hidden. It is a very simple protection but effective.

Go to the parent folder of the file or folder you want to protect via command prompt(cmd). And enter as below.

To protect file, say setup.exe in d:\ –

d:\>attrib +r +a +s +h setup.exe

To protect folder, say Photos in d:\ –

d:\>attrib +r +a +s +h \Photos


To recover file, say setup.exe in d:\ –

d:\>attrib -r -a -s -h setup.exe

To recover folder, say Photos in d:\ –

d:\>attrib -r -a -s -h \Photos

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Custom folder backgrounds in XP

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Most of my readers would be knowing this already. But i thought i would share it anyway for those who does not. Here, i will explain how to change a folder’s background with an image. It is actually very simple. You just have to create a desktop.ini file and store it in the desired folder; and use the attrib command.

First, create a text file and add the following lines to it.


Where, c:\background.jpg is the path of the required image(change it to your path). Now, save the file as desktop.ini inside the folder of which the background is to be changed. Now goto command prompt and type the following and press enter.

attrib +s "c:\folder"

Where, c:\folder is the path of the desired target folder(change it to your path). After that, the background image should have changed. Now you can put cool images as the background of the folder. It is the same thing that the folders My Pictures and My Videos uses. This technique uses image tiling. That is, the image will be tiled on the background.  Have fun.

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